Hello world!

I intend to make this a sort-of general blog with emphasis on getting our finances and eating organized. We suddenly need to get out from under our house (either by selling quickly or renting out two rooms yesterday!), pay back my daughter’s money that we had to use (I know, it was bad!) and pay off the credit card I had to run up at the same time.

To those ends, I plan to do the remainder of the year as “no spend”. I already have stuff for dd’s birthday and Christmas and some stuff I might be able to give to some adults at Christmas. I will also be working on menu-planning to save on impulsive buying.

Rules for the “no spend” do include a set amount each month budgeted for me to buy dd clothes at the Goodwill and a small savings every month for homeschool stuff (she’s 3.5). I have not budgeted any money for my own clothes so if I need any they will have to come out of money saved in the “dd clothing” category.

As I like to say “nothing to it but to do it.”


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