No spend going fairly well.

I had to pay for some homeschool stuff on Ebay that I had bid on before I started the no-spend challenge, so I’m not sure if I count that as being against the rules or not. I’m thinking not because (1) I promised to pay before starting and (2) after I get everything under control again I will have a little set aside each month in the budget for homeschool. I guess I should count this purchase against the budget though. That means no homeschool spending until April. THAT is going to be hard.

I did give in to the tears and bought 1 package of cookies for $2.99 on about the 23rd or 24th but I did not give in last night. Miraculously, when we went back in the store (after calming down outside for 1/2 hour), we found the last piece of Sara Lee cake that the store had set out samples of! Thank you!

So we haven’t spent anything unplanned for since about January 17, with the exception of that box of cookies and the Ebay stuff. I think we’re doing pretty good! It’s getting a little easier as times goes on but I’m so tempted! I’m dreading going to Costco next week.

It looks like my in-laws might be able to swing some money our way next month. I’ll raise the grocery budget a bit (I had it down to $50 – we were going to have to eat pantry/freezer only) but I’m going to try to put the rest toward the Emergency Fund.


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