Saving on groceries and pet food (with flower pics).

One thing that has helped keep the grocery/pet food bill down quite a bit is (drumroll) dumster diving.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Our local health food co-op has a bin out back where they put there “trash” veggies and fruit to be picked up for compost. The food is not loose – they put it in a trash bag. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes they’ve already been picked clean. I was told by an employee that other people who goats  and some with chickens also come by to pick up from there. Usually it’s greens (kale, turnip, lettuce), outer celery stalks that broke off, lots of citrus right now that starts to go soft before being picked, and the occassional apple with a bruise or hole poked in it. This one I’m less concerned about us eating it.

The other store I pick up from is a conventional grocery store. The food is thrown out loose in boxes. We usually will only eat from bagged items from this place (e.g. bagged apples, celery or carrots).  We give the rest of it to the bunnies.

Something I’ve noticed recently is that both stores are throwing out less food. Or maybe less is there by the time we get there. I’m a little concerned about what that means for the economy – if either the stores are putting out less food because they’re trying to save money (not a bad idea) or if more people are resorting to DD to put food on the table (scarier thougtht!).

We found a 3rd store that we tried last night. Not too many veggies picked up – only enough for 1 day, but dd was hollering for me to get back in the car because she wanted to go inside (the beginning of the hollering *sigh*). Note to self: try not to go to store without taking a nap first!

We did get some boxes of pancake mix that syrup had spilled all over. I can’t salvage the boxes but I’m going to repack the mix into a vacuum storage bag tonight. We don’t usually eat pancakes (I’m trying to be as grain-free as possible), but when you’re looking in dumsters to save a buck on food, you might want to save what you can’t use for the lean(er) times. Or to trade with someone else later on.

We also got 3 bunches of flowers! A very pretty yellow bunch with a few purple and pink accents that I’m sitting in front of typing, a dozen red roses, and a dozen pink-edged roses with greenery and a vase. They had not even dumped the water out of the vase before tossing it! Unbelievable! I really think they brighten up the house quite a bit.

We’ll be going out again tonight or tomorrow night in search of more fruits and veggies. Snow or no snow the buns have to eat and since the offspring that don’t sell as pets will be used as food, I need to keep them all fed and healthy.


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