I did it! No Goodwill shopping!

I didn’t go Goodwill shopping in February. I decided I’m going to wait until the last Sunday in March (clothes marked down 50%!) to get dd’s size 5 clothes done. My NS-DH complaining at me helped influence my decision a little. ;- )

I did go to Walmart yesterday for NS-DH’s business trip clothes and fishing stuff. I’m thinking/hoping to supplement the family’s menu with locally caught fish. I found out that our county stocks to county lakes with trout and you can take 2 per person per day. So, if I can get 4 each time we go (2 for me and 2 for dd) that should help. To that end I had to get a fishing license, bobs, a net, and a fishing rod for dd. I didn’t think I’d get many fish if dd was constantly telling me “I want to do it” with my one fishing pole, so I think it’s a necessary expense.

I started to pick up some of those activity books for $3.27 each, but I put them all back! I was so proud of myself. It might not seem like much but books for dd is a BIG problem area for me. Babysteps; one day at a time. Yeah,me!


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