Baby bunnies…another one down.

I don’t know what it is with these baby bunnies. We had another crawl out of the nest, all the way out of the box, and die on the cold floor. We’re down to only 3 babies left! I think I’m going to have to change the type of box. I don’t know if mama would use a solid cube with a hole cut in it. I kind of think the other bunnies would go in and out all the time. It’s not helping that the idiot shih-poo has noticed the newly mobile babies and is ramming his head into the pen to try to get to them. He’s currently in a crate so that he won’t bark at the maintenance workers outside, won’t attack bunnies downstairs, and won’t take our food upstairs. *I need a roll-eye smilie.*

Finally, some pics of the elder baby bunnies! These are mini-rex/Dutch mixes.

I could have swore we took pictures of all of them but these were all I can find. Maybe the other ones are still on the camera.

We have 3 whites (half-nose (half-dark nose/half-white nose), medium nose, and dark nose), 2 grays, and 1 black otter. The black otter is funny because his long Dutch hairs are really obvious against the short rex fur.


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