Financial gains and pains.

Let’s see. February 2 I found 16 dozen organic eggs that had January 29 listed as their expiration dates. One dozen were broken but I got to use about 6 dozen before they finally went bad. Also, I didn’t think about it ahead of time, but I think the store (Food Lion) injected bleach into a couple of eggs in each dozen so I threw away the ones I had frozen. So we got mostly good eggs but just had to be careful and smell each one.

About 1.5 weeks later we found some organic yogurt they (Food Lion had thrown out) that had either just expired or, in the case of a large Stoneyfield tub, had a crack in the plastic lid. The Stonyfield tub had a month left on the expiration and, you guessed it, they injected bleach into it.

Bottom line – be very careful diving at Food Lion.

Still not getting many veggies at the cheap grocery store I always check and it’s been hit or miss at the co-op since so many other people take theirs. You have to show up pretty much about 10 minutes after they close usually to get anything.

Now for the really painful part. I thought we had saved enough money to pay our real estate taxes in cash. Nope. Not even close. We had an ING savings account I set up just for the taxes and had about 75% saved as of January. Between my NSDH getting suspended then demoted, and having to put my doggie to sleep, we had about 40% left over at the end of January. I transferred that to our checking account at the end of January to pay it in February and it all went away. All of it. I managed to spend about $400 extra between homeschool curriculum, clothes for dd (including dress-up), and large blueberry bushes. I don’t feel too bad about the bushes since they will provide food, but I feel REALLY bad about not controlling myself on the other stuff. In just 2 days of slipping, after a few weeks of not really spending much, I crashed us. It wasn’t enough to pay off the real estate taxes but it would have helped me feel better about myself.

I ended up putting the real estate taxes on my credit card. It was going to be delinguent as of March 1 so I didn’t really have any choice at this point. Somehow, I now have to ring enough out of the budget (and control myself) to come up with the next payment by June as it’s due in July.

For March, our budget includes: $650 for real estate taxes, $10 for the emergency fund (don’t know what kind emergency will be handled by that but it’s a start), and $200 for groceries. We are paying the balance on a half-hog in March so I’m hoping we’ll have a little bit left over afterward. Hmm, maybe I should send the farmer an email and get an estimate on it.

Hopefully, the weather will get a bit nicer and the utility bills will go down a lot for April. (Please, please, please.)