Garden starts…

Today I started some seeds, tomorrow I will start more. I just wanted to keep track of when I start what so that I can keep an eye on germination times.

Only 3 of the 8 brussels sprouts that I started about 2 weeks ago germinated (new pack, even!) so I added about 10 seeds today.

I started:

  • sweet peas – about 10
  • snap peas – about 12
  • zinnia – about 12
  • watermelon – about 8
  • borage – about 12
  • sucine lettuce – about 12

Everything except the sucine peas I’m positive are heirloom/open-pollinated. This is my second year gardening and I’m going to try to save some seeds at the end.

I’ve also just yesterday started reading about lasagna gardening. You layer all kinds of compostable stuff in the fall and by spring, viola! Lovely dark, loose compost to plant in. I’m going to try a pile as soon as the snow melts and see if I can maybe put a layer of compost/topsoil mix on top and use it this year. I need to seriously expand our garden to help feed those buns!

Speaking of buns, we had our second litter today. Purebred mini-rex (velveteen rabbit). I know I still owe pictures of the first litter. I will try to take pics of the second at the same time. We got 6 with black skin and 1 with red skin. Since this mama is black otter and had 2 castors and 2 broken castors in her first litter, I’m curious to see what coats are going to come in. Daddy was a black mini-rex. BTW, anybody want to buy a baby rabbit? Cheap?