The party’s winding down?

I’ve got 3 different sources telling the gig is up in March (2 fairly reliable, the 3rd is unproven). If you’re a preppin’ type, get to it and get ‘er done, as they say.


Head-banging financial issues.

My issues are much more than financial. I think I need… I don’t know what! Help! I have this desperate drive to store food and supplements/medicines that is not funny, but it makes me feel so out of control.

So this is what I did on one day (ONE DAY!) last week:

1. First stop, the Farmer’s Co-op. Bought a 50 lb bag of rabbit feed for times when I can’t find veggies for them and a 50 lb bag of baking soda (save much money on your house cleaning, baking, bathing for the rest of your life!). Spent about $23.

2. On to the “apple store”. Close to the end of the season so I got 20 lb of yellow delicious apples for about $13. Running total: $36.

3. I joined Sam’s Club after checking it out. Luckily I could get a business membership for only $35 instead of $40. But then I went the first day and spent $200! On food, but still. Running total: $271.

4. Next stop: grocery store with a BOGO sale on Nature Made vitamins. Spent about $48, but saved a little over $20. Running total: $319.

5. Next stop was Rite-Aid because I could combine coupons and rebates. For example, they had a rebate on Sambucol for $3, I had a $4 coupon (get on their email list at, resulting in the price for the first one being $5.99 and $8.99 for the second one I bought. Got a little bit more there for a total of about $61. Running total: $380.

6. Local health food store (co-op) for lots of eggs, beef and buffalo jerky (trying out different flavors to see what we would like to get), and supplements (mostly anti-virals) for a total of (drum-roll) $224! Running total: $604. (Are you feeling faint yet?)

7. Thanks to all that’s holy the day is almost done. Costco is last with a measly total of about $35 – fresh fruit/veggies with a box of madeleines (no “fake” stuff: ingredients are butter, sugar, eggs, enriched flour, vanilla extract, salt). I don’t like to buy him cookies because I think it sets a bad example. Also, he snacks on them so they’re not kept as a desert or treat. DD then thinks of them as something to snack on when she’s at the computer. If I put them away when he’s not here, it’s not too bad – I can frequently redirect her. The problem is me remembering to put them away for sure he won’t. Anyway, back to business. Running total: $639.

So $640 in one day, plus the gas to drive around. Ask me how I know the accuraccy of the totals while I’m sitting here at the breakfast table. I don’t have the receipts with me; I went to my credit card’s website and looked them up! That’s right. Everything but Sam’s and Costco went to making my hole deeper. So I can pay 10% interest for a stocked pantry/medicine cabinet.

Was it worth it? I don’t know. I guess if you look at the world right now, just today, maybe not. If you are looking back on this post from 6 months in the future, who knows? I try to console myself that all of these things that I’m buying will be used. I just wish I had the actual cash to pay for them, as well as the self-control to “just say No!” when I don’t have the cash.

Oh, yeah. I also had to pay $21.20 in late fees to the library on Wednesday. They charge $1 per day(!) for DVDs and we had out 10. Tough way to be reminded to pay attention.

Sunday is the last Sunday of February and Goodwill has 50% off on clothes. I want to finish sizes 5 and 7 for DD (does size 7 usually fit pretty much like size 8 or only if the clothing is marked 7/8? Anybody?) and have to get some dress pants for NS-DH for his new business. Guess how I’ll be paying if we go over $40? It ain’t over yet!

This Sunday will be the next-to-last hurrah for the big spending. I have one more planned purchase that I’m trying to get done as soon as possible but the item keeps going out of stock. I hope to get that done within the next 2 weeks. Then I’ll be done. Stick-a-fork-in-me done. After that I’llbe trying to no-spend as much as possible.